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Cost of renting 2017/18

These two tables show what rent Bron Afon charges for each of type of home.  The rent levels were approved by Bron Afon’s Board along with a fair way to move all current tenants towards the amount for their home.

target rent table North torfaen

 target rent tables for South Torfaen 2015

Annual rent increase

The 2017/18 increase is 2.5%. The Target Rent table will be adjusted each year with any % rent increase. The above tables are for 2017/18. This year, some tenants will see an increase of up to £2 per week above the 2.5% if they are below target rent, and if they are above target rent they will see a decrease of up to £2 per week.

It will mean that some tenants’ rent goes up and some tenants’ rent goes down so the overall amount Bron Afon receives in rent will not change.

Service Charges

If you sign a tenancy agreement with Bron Afon after Wednesday 27 April 2016 your agreement may also include Service Charges that you will pay for.

These are the costs of the services you receive from Bron Afon which are specific to your home. Your rent includes the cost of things like repairs and improvements whereas Service Charges are things like communal cleaning and health and safety checks.

You are only charged for services you receive and these are specific to your home.

The costs of certain Service Charges are covered by Housing Benefit (if you are eligible).

If you are applying for a home with us our staff will explain Service Charges to you before you sign the tenancy agreement to make sure you understand.

Rent policy

Download and read Bron Afon’s rent policy here

What is a bedroom?

Your rent depends on the number of bedrooms that you have so we have used this definition to answer the question ‘what is a bedroom?’. This was to make sure the policy is fair to everyone. It must have a "minimum floor area of five square metres and an opening window that provides natural light and ventilation”. This is the full explanation:

To count as a bedroom for this assessment the room must have a minimum floor area of five square metres and an opening window that provides natural light and ventilation. The room must have independent access off a hallway, corridor or staircase and cannot be used as a means to access other bedrooms or living rooms in the home or have to be accessed through them. For example, rooms adapted by the provision of through floor access lifts will not be defined by Bron Afon as bedrooms.

Rooms that have been converted or subdivided by current or former tenants that do not conform to either this definition or the building regulations that apply at the point they subsequently become available for letting will not be regarded as bedrooms and Bron Afon may choose to reinstate homes to their original layout at that point.

If you think your home has too many or too few bedrooms because of this definition please contact Bron Afon and we will arrange a survey. Give us a call on 0800 111 4242 / 01633 620 111 or email enquiries@bronafon.org.uk

Any questions?

Please email any questions or post them on Facebook or Twitter. You can also call Bron Afon on 0800 111 4242 / 01633 620 111 or email us at enquiries@bronafon.og.uk