Leasehold Information

Leasehold ownership of a home is simply a long-term tenancy which gives the leaseholder the right to use the property for living purposes for a set period of time. Bron Afon has over 900 leasehold properties in Torfaen and we have a specialist leasehold team who can help you with any questions.

 Leasehold management team

The team has been developed to give a specialised service to Bron Afon leaseholders.

Here are some of the things that you can speak to a member of the team about:

  • Your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder
  • Major works or improvements that may be carried out to your block
  • Making alterations to your property
  • Paying service charges
  • Subletting or selling your home
  • Anti-social behaviour or boundary disputes

You can contact your designated leasehold officer by calling Tom Moore on 01633 620232 or email or Miriam Heare on 01633 620434 or email To find out which leasehold officer has responsibility for your community please click here.

How satisfied are you, are your details correct and how do you want to be involved?

Let the Leasehold Management Service know how satisfied you were with your last interaction with them. Click here to complete a satisfaction survey that should only take 3 minutes of your time.

Make sure the Leasehold Management Team have the correct details for you. Click here to provide essential details and when the details are checked you will be able to start using ‘My Account’. My Account allows you to check on your annual service charge accounts and report repairs to blocks containing your leasehold properties.

Tell Bron Afon if you would like to become more involved in the organisation. Click here to choose from a menu of involvement opportunities or there is an option for you to tell us you do not want to get involved.

If you would like to become a Bron Afon Member or if you would like details about all the involvement opportunities outside of the leasehold service Click here to find out more.