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What is a Major work programme?

We will be spending over £23 million on repairing and improving tenants’ homes during 2017/18.

The work will include day-to-day emergency repairs as well as replacing roofs to make homes more energy efficient. This will help tenants use less gas and electricity.

We will look at the condition of tenants’ homes to make sure we get the most out of the money we have to spend.

How will I know if my home is due to have any work?

If your home is included in our work programme for 2017-2018, we will carry out a survey. We will write to you before the end of May to let you know when this will happen. The letter will also say what the survey will involve (for example, inspecting your roof or windows). Some of this work will be just a visual check from the street, so you may see staff with ID badges in your area.

What happens next?

After we have done the surveys, we will write to you to explain what type of work will be done to your home (if your home is not in our work programme, we will write to let you know why and what happens next).

Once we find the best contractor for the job, we will send you a letter to let you know who they are and when they will start. We will give you plenty of notice of when they will be coming to make sure there is as little disruption as possible for you.

What kind of work is covered in our major work programme?


We have £1m to carry out minor adaptations such as grab rails and level access showers and major adaptations such as extensions.

Improving communal areas in blocks of flats

Work will include new doors and door entry systems, lighting, flooring, electrical upgrades and making the building safe to meet fire regulations.

Blocks of flats and homes in Southville

Our work in Southville will include removing cavity wall insulation, fitting EWI and in some cases, re-roofing and upgrading electrics.

Blocks of flats in Northville

We will be spending £750,000 to improve blocks of flats in Northville. The work will include fitting EWI (External Wall Insulation), re-roofing and electrical upgrades to communal areas.

External wall insulation (EWI) and roofing in Trevethin

We have £800,000 to spend on fitting EWI and in some areas, new roofs.

External wall insulation in Blaenavon

tenants’ homes will be getting external wall insulation in the Ty Fry and Hillside areas.


We have a very large planned programme of roof replacements for homes right across Torfaen. This will help us to reduce the need for repairs and stop bigger problems happening in the future.


We will be spending £800,000 on work in gardens, previously identified as non-urgent repairs.

Responsive repairs and empty homes

Our repairs service will spend £4,216,800 on repairs and getting empty homes ready for new tenants.

Environmental improvements

We have to meet Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS) improvement work to communal areas and spaces by next year. This year, we have £500,000 to spend on improving fencing, paths, communal drying areas, car parks and soft and hard landscaping in Abersychan and Blaenavon.