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What is a Major work programme?

This is work that we have planned to take place this year (1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017). It is work that will improve our housing and communities. If you are due to have work we will be in touch in plenty of time before it will start.

This year we have £23,078,056 to spend on internal and external work, below is a breakdown of where we will be working.


We make sure that whenever possible tenants can continue to live in their home by doing adaptations. Any work is only done following referrals from our in-house occupational therapy team or Torfaen Council’s team. This year we will be investing just over £1 million on adaptations.

Bailey Crescent

We are working to replace the roofs of 6 blocks of flats in Bailey Crescent.

Block communal area refurbishment

We will continue to work replacing or improving door entry systems, flooring, lighting, decoration and fire safety equipment in the communal areas of some blocks of flats.
Here is a list of addresses where we will be doing this work in 2016/17.

Block Electrical Work – including heat metering

As part of the programme to improve the blocks we will be upgrading the electrics, this work will also make the blocks safer and meet the requirements of our fire risk assessments.

Capel Newydd Garden Project

The gardens in Capel Newydd are very steep and impact on tenants being able to use their gardens safely. We will be carrying out work in 11 gardens to establish what is feasible to solve the problems and get back to the remaining tenants in Capel Newydd in the New Year to let them know our plans for 2017 . The address list can be found here.

Environmental Improvements

We have a requirement to complete WHQS (Welsh Housing Quality Standard) improvements to communal areas and spaces. This work includes improvements to fencing, paths, communal drying areas, car parks, soft and hard landscaping. We have over £1.5 million to spend this year and similar amounts for the next couple of years. We will be working through our community managers to identify improvements in communities and get the work done.

External wall insulation Trevethin (EWI)

Our in house team will continue to work fitting EWI to homes in Trevethin. This year we plan to spend £1 million, here is the list of street addresses where we will be doing this work.

Garden Programme

We have £10 million to spend over a number of years to make sure all the gardens where we can are up to the Welsh Housing Quality Standard (WHQS)

Leaseholder doors

We will be working with our leaseholders to maker sure they have fire doors to their homes. This will improve their safety and also meet the requirements of our fire risk assessments.

Monmouth House, Cwmbran

We will be continuing to work on the internal areas completing the work that was started in December 2015 by installing sprinklers, decorating the communal areas and removing asbestos.

Northville Flat Blocks

We will be spending just over £1.4 million to improve the blocks in Northville. We will be fitting EWI re-roofing and upgrading the electrics. You can find a list of the blocks we will be working on here.

Planned and cyclical maintenance

See our Planned Maintenance page for more information. £600,000 will be spent on work to keep homes up-to-date, safe and in good condition. It is very different to repairs as we plan in work to your home and it may be work you didn’t know was necessary.

Responsive repairs and voids

Our day-to-day service will use its budget of £4,887,075 to repair homes and get empty homes ready for new tenants.

Roofing programme

We have a planned programme of targeted roof replacement that will help reduce the demand on our repairs team as we will hope we can solve roof problems before they become problems.

Southville Blocks and housing

We will be carrying out work to block and homes in Southville this will include the removal of cavity wall insulation, fitting external wall insulation, in some cases re-roofing and upgrading the electrics.
You can find a list of the addresses we will be working on here.

Tŷ Fry and Hillside Blaenavon

We will be spending £1.2 million to improve the homes in this area. We will be fitting EWI, re-roofing and upgrading the electrics. You can find an address list here.

Welsh Housing Quality Standard- improvements

A number of homes still have to have pieces of work to bring them up to the standard. In some cases tenants didn’t want to have the work done when we were in their community.

Windows and doors

Subject to assessment we will be replacing windows and doors across the borough.