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6th Mar 2017

As part of the new Community Involvement Strategy the team is committed to ensuring that involvement is as inclusive and effective as possible, and the brand new Forum is one way in which we are achieving this.

We had a great turnout with a fantastic mix of younger people, lots of new faces as well as some of our more established members.

The forum will hold Bron Afon to account with regards improving services, monitoring key KPI's, assessing tenant and customer satisfaction levels and in ensuring appropriate levels of involvement have happened when looking at developing or changing customer facing policies, strategies or changes to services.

The group agreed that there should be an informal application process in order to sit on the group.

If you are interested in learning more about the Tenant Services Forum or are interested in applying to join the group please contact the Community Involvement Team on 01633620111 or community.involvement@bronafon.org.uk