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11th Sep 2017

Tom Parry, ButlerWall Homes, Nicola Janneh, tenant and Alan Brunt, our chief executive.

Tenants have moved into six brand new homes on the site of the former Commodore Hotel in Llanyravon.

 We were able to purchase the properties – two semi-detached homes for intermediate rent (offered at 80% of market rent through Torfaen’s Help2Own scheme) and four one-bedroom flats for social rent - from a private market development of twenty homes delivered by local developer, ButlerWall Homes. 

We were chosen as the firm’s preferred partner under a Section 106 agreement, which requires any new development to include a percentage of affordable housing through the planning process.

Robert Panou, our development manager, said: “We are especially proud of this as it’s our first completed deal of this type.  The quality of the houses is outstanding, too.”

“Working with a private developer means we’ve been able to provide products of a high standard that meet the needs of the local housing market.” 

Lesley Groves, strategy team leader, social care and housing, Torfaen Council said: “We are happy to have played an enabling role in the delivery of these much-needed affordable homes in Torfaen.  Working closely with local developers, Bron Afon and Torfaen planning department meant this scheme was delivered successfully.”

Tom Parry, consultant, ButlerWall Homes, said: “We are pleased to have handed over the six properties at our Commodore site to Bron Afon.

“Having met with Robert Panou and Lesley Groves at a very early stage, we were able to work closely together from day one to make sure our design and specification met with their size and standard requirements.

“We are proud to be the provider of the first new homes for Bron Afon as a Registered Social Landlord and hope this is the start of a long term relationship with them.”

Nicola Janneh, one of the new tenants, said: “I am very lucky and feel blessed to be moving into my new house.  It’s also a new start for me and for my two children.”