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1st Nov 2017

Tenancy Support Service


Amanda Lewis team leader for our Tenancy Support Service explains how the service works and the how they help tenants. 

Who makes up the team?

L - R Keeley Mclauchlan  - Tenancy Support Officer.  Kate Jones  - Tenancy Support Officer. Me (Amanda Lewis) – Team Leader. Michelle Hurley  - Tenancy Support Officer. Clare Roche  – Tenancy Support Officer.  Vacancy - Tenancy Support Officer.

Where will you find us?

We are based at Ty Bron Afon, William Brown Close, Llantarnham Industrial Park, Llantarnham NP44 3AB

What do we actually do?

The main aim of the team is to offer a personalised service that helps support all Bron Afon tenants’ (current and future ones) to maintain their tenancy. We do this by taking them through our tenancy assessment process. We look at any behaviour, support needs or other factors which could cause their tenancy to fail.

Following this we make a personalised support plan with the tenant that address’ any of the issues our tenancy assessment process picked up. We don’t just do this alone. We work closely with other internal and external agencies to make sure we can offer the best help and support.

The support we provide promotes independence and gives people the skills to help them manage better on their own.

What are we trying to achieve?

We want to make sure our tenants can manage their own accommodation, pay their bills and have a better understanding of money. We want our tenants to be valued members of the community, with better relationships with friends and family. We want them to be involved with the work we do and help us improve our service for everyone we help. Most importantly we want our tenants to feel safe and secure in their homes.

If our tenants need support to help them to manage any physical and/or mental health conditions, we can put them in touch with specialist agencies who can help to make sure that their daily life is affected as little as possible.

We help improve people’s lives by helping them get voluntary or employment opportunities, helping them with appropriate education or training. The work we do has a positive impact on people’s wellbeing.

If a tenant is struggling we can help.

How does it work? 

Once you have been referred a Tenancy Support Officer will be assigned to you they will arrange an appointment with you and complete the tenancy assessment to help to identify which areas you may need support and help with i.e. managing money

What you can you expect from the Tenancy Support Team?

•Commitment and respect.

•Your own dedicated Tenancy Support officer.

•A tenancy assessment appointment, where your strengths and needs are identified through an open discussion between you and your Tenancy Support Officer.

•An individual personalised support plan which details the actions required to meet your goals and where you are fully involved, consulted and it is fully agreed by you.

•Regular relevant advice and guidance.

•Regular reviews of the support plan to help you to assess the progress you are making to achieve your goals.

•Assistance to access further specialist support if required.

What do the Tenancy Support Team expect from me?

•Commitment and respect

•Your full engagement in the assessment and support planning process

•Attendance at arranged support visits.

•Getting fully involved in the support plan’s actions and the review process.

•Notification for the tenancy support officer if and when you need to cancel support appointments

•Agreement when support is no longer needed

How could I sum up the Tenancy Support Service?

It’s a service that was created to fully equip Bron Afon Tenants with the necessary daily living skills to enable them to become more resilient and better able to achieve tenancy sustainability.