Occupational Therapy and Adaptations Service 

Our Occupational Therapy service offers personalised care where people are supported earlier and helped to keep their independence for longer

Who can we help?

We can help any Bron Afon tenant who:

  • has a long term disability


  • has difficulty accessing different parts of their home and/or essential facilities (like the kitchen, bathroom, living room, toilet)


  • meets Torfaen Council's criteria in line with 'Fair Access to Care Services' guidelines. This means that people who are entitled can receive services and those with the greatest needs are given the highest priority. 


How can we help?

The team can recommend equipment and adaptations which may help you to access your home and carry out day to day activities.

 Gareth Hubbarde from Cwmbran explains how we helped him in this short video. 


Who should you get in touch with?

Some minor works do not require occupational therapy (OT) assessment, but may be subject to confirmation from one of our OTs. You can call our customer service team on 0800 111 4242 / 01633 620 111. Minor works would include: 

  • external lighting
  • staircase lighting
  • white and yellow edges to steps
  • handrails
  • grab rails
  • lever taps
  • kitchen cupboard handles
  • level door thresholds or ramps
  • door or wall protectors
  • main entrance door intercom
  • heating controls


All other requests

For all other requests you will need to contact Torfaen Council on 01495 762200.
They will check the referral and may give you advice, equipment and complete minor adaptations at this stage. 
In all other cases you will be placed on a waiting list to be seen by an occupational therapist or an occupational therapy assistant. They could be an occupational therapist from Bron Afon's team or the Disabled People's Service depending on the type of referral.


Critical cases

If your request is urgent it can be placed on the critical waiting list and you will be seen more quickly.

If you feel your case needs to be seen more quickly because your situation has changed since your original referral you should call the Disabled People's Service at Torfaen Council on 01495 762200.


Under 18's

If the referral is for a child under 18 years it will be passed to Torfaen Council's Disabled Children's Team and you will be seen by one of their specialist occupational therapists.