Your Service Charges Explained

The service charges that you pay as a leaseholder are your share of the cost of managing the property, block or estate that you live in. It also goes towards paying for services provided by Bron Afon and carrying out repairs to the communal parts of the block or estate as well as individual charges.

All of these charges are made in accordance with your lease. If you would like a copy of your lease or have any queries about service charges you can give the leasehold team a call on 0800 111 4242 / 01633 620 111.

What charges are included?

Bron Afon will usually send you an invoice in April for all service charges apart from repairs, maintenance, block cleaning and safety checks. An invoice for these charges will be sent before 30 September each year for costs incurred during the previous year

Not all the below charges apply to all leaseholders so it is worth checking your lease to find out exactly which services you have to pay for. If we need to introduce any new service charges we will consult leaseholders first. You can read a full summary of your rights and obligations for more information on what service charges you need to pay.  

  • Buildings insurance – to insure your flat against structural, fire or severe weather damage.  (it does not cover general wear or tear, nor for the contents inside your home) You can read our current insurance summary, which runs to 31 March 2018 here.
  • Communal heating – covers the cost  of supplying heating and hot water to some high-rise blocks
  • Management fee – contribution to services run by Bron Afon such as answering queries, collecting payments, recovering arrears, estate management visits, arranging insurance, calculating bills, raising invoices, consultation and office costs. Block cleaning – this is based on the time spent cleaning or inspecting the cleanliness of your block
  • Safety checks and maintenance
  • Lift maintenance – we only charge the actual cost of any servicing to the lift
  • Lighting – covers the cost of electricity for lighting in communal areas (but not the cost of replacing bulbs or repairing damaged lights)
  • Repairs – any day-to-day repairs or maintenance carried out to the structure, exterior or communal areas of your block

Ground Rent

Ground rent is the rent charged for the land on which the property is built. It is not a rent for the actual property itself. We charge leaseholders a fixed  annual ground rent of between £10 and £30, in accordance with the lease.