We support people aged over 50 in Torfaen to be independent and in control of their lives.

It’s a free service for homeowners, private tenants and Bron Afon tenants. Torfaen Council pay Bron Afon to provide the support using a grant from the Welsh Government’s Supporting People programme.

Support in your own home

One of our expert team members will visit you in your own home and give you the support you need. They can help with:

  • Applying for adaptations to your home.
  • Claiming benefits.
  • Dealing with your letters.
  • Emotional support.
  • Getting you involved in social, leisure and sport activities.
  • Increasing your household skills like cooking and cleaning.
  • Improving your health and well-being.
  • Making you better at budgeting your money and paying bills.
  • Supporting you back in into work, education or training.
  • Talking to other organisations on your behalf.

Find out how we could help you

Call 01495 766447

email gateway@torfaen.gov.uk 

What do people say about our service?

"What my support worker has done in such a short space of time is incredible.”

"I had no idea this kind of support was available to over 50s. It’s changed my life.”

“I was ignoring letters until my support worker came into my life. I'm now back in control.”

“You can’t beat face-to-face support.”