The Board

The Board has overall responsibility for decisions about Bron Afon's strategic direction, finances, standards and policies. The Board monitors performance, including against the commitments in the offer document, and holds management to account.

The Board is currently made up of 9 members.

Bron Afon Board Members

This is a list of all the Bron Afon Board Members.

Andrew Lawrence - Board Member since December 2014, also Chair of the Board and on the Asset and Development Committee

David Michael - Board Member since December 2014, also Chair of Audit and Ethics Committee

Veronica Crick - Board member since February 2014, also Vice Chair of Staffing committee

Allan Giles - Board Member since September 2011, also on Staffing Committee

Patrick Harkness - Board Member since January 2014, also Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Asset and Development Committee

Jessica Powell - Board Member since March 2017.

Brian Jones - Board Member since April 2015, also on Audit and Ethics Committee and Vice Chair of the Asset and Development Committee

Mandy Eddolls- Board Member since November 2015, also Chair of the Staffing Committee

For more information on our board you can read their short biogs here.

How can you get involved?

Board meetings are always held on a Thursday and are all open to the public. If you would like to attend a meeting and receive the agenda and other papers beforehand, or would like more information on becoming a Board Member, please call Amanda Oliver on 01633 620267 or email 

Code of Conduct

The Board works with the Senior Management Team and is responsible for driving the strategic direction of the organisation. The Board must operate to the very highest standards and must also follow a Code of Conduct which can be read here.

Board meeting

The next board meeting will be held on:

Thursday 7 December 2017.

Previous Board Papers

These are the non-confidential papers from past 7 board meetings and the non-confidential minutes. If you would like a copy of past papers please call the governance team on 01633 620453 or email

Meeting Dates for 2017

  • Thursday 7 December

Standing Orders

The Standing Orders document supports and reinforces the Rules of Bron Afon. It gives guidance on the composition, roles and responsibilities of the Board, Board Committees and Executive Team. If you have any queries about the Standing Orders, please contact