Welfare reforms means your benefits are changing

Are you confused over phrases like 'bedroom tax' or Universal Credit , don't worry, Bron Afon is here to help you undertand welfare reform and answer your questions.

We will aim to give you the best possible advice on the changes the UK government is making to how it pays benefits.


Benefits calculator

You can use this online benefits calculator to find out what benefits you could get, how to claim and what happens if your circumstances change.


More Information and how we can help

These changes may mean you have less money each month but you must make sure rent is one of the first bills you pay otherwise you could get into debt and be evicted.

You may think these changes do not affect you but if something new happens in your life such as your child moving out then your benefits could change.

If you don’t understand any information you get in the post or hear on the TV please let us know and we will help you.

The most important thing is to talk to Bron Afon as soon as you realise you are struggling to pay your rent. 

The gov.uk website is packed full of information about benefits and what is changing with lots of useful tools to work out if and how you will be affected.

The Your Benefits Are Changing website is a great place to find out more about what is happening. You can access the internet for free at your local library if you don't have a PC at home.

Saving money

Keep an eye on our Money Saving Advice page for tips and hints and cutting what you spend each month.