What happens next?

When we receive your referral

Once we have been passed your referral from Torfaen Council we will contact you to arrange the best time to visit your home. 

This first visit will take about one hour. We will do a full assessment that will focus on your ability to access different parts of your home and carry out daily activities. This will focus on what is important to you and will also consider any carer's needs. 


What happens next? 

With your agreement, after the first visit we may recommend:

  • equipment (e.g. to help with getting in or out of the bath)
  • minor adaptations (e.g. handrails, grab rails, shallow steps)
  • major adaptations (e.g. ramps, stairlift, level access shower)
  • advice and support to move to a home that better suits your needs
  • referral to other services


A surveyor from the Bron Afon team may visit your home to check we are able to make the adaptations you need. Once major adaptations are agreed a tenancy support officer will be available should you require additional support with the process. After the work is complete an occupational therapist will visit to check it meets your needs.

All adaptations are funded and maintained by Bron Afon. 


Important information

  • We cannot provide equipment / adaptations for short term disabilities which are expected to improve, but we can offer advice
  • We will always consider simple solutions first (e.g. offering bathing equipment before considering major adaptations such as installing a level access shower)
  • All equipment is requested from Torfaen Council and is provided on long term loan. Please let us know when equipment is no longer needed so it can be recycled
  • Adaptations cannot be provided for privately purchased wheelchairs, scooters and walking aids. We can only offer adaptations for NHS prescribed equipment


What if it is not possible for your home to be adapted?

If it is not possible to carry out the work then your occupational therapist will talk to you about other options. This could include moving to a more suitable home.


Rehousing to a more suitable home - our Accessible Housing Service

The team will always consider rehousing as an option, especially if major adaptations are required and your future needs cannot be met. 

Rehousing can be a difficult decision and we will offer as much advice and support as we can to help you with this.

Any Bron Afon tenant with a medical need who applies for a new home using Homeseeker will receive a home visit. The occupational therapy team can then advise you on the best homes to apply for. We will also give a full report of your needs to the Homeseeker team so they can give your application the correct priority.

Our team can offer all Bron Afon tenants advice and support with viewing properties and requesting equipment and adaptations.

Customer feedback 

We welcome any customer feedback on our service. If you would like to let us know how your customer feedback you can email us at enquiries@bronafon.org.uk, give us a call on 0800 111 4242 / 01633 620 111 or visit our Facebook page

You can find information on how to make a formal complaint here